About Us
Getting to know us
Here are a few things you should know about us:  We have started this company to make Green mainstream.  We do not expect people to give up their lifestyle, live in a cave and eat tree bark as some people would suggest is the only way forward.  But we also don’t believe people should be pointing fingers at everyone else while they provide excuses and exceptions for their own lifestyle.  We believe that everyone has a part to play in making the Earth the best planet in the Universe.  And, we believe that everyone can and will participate in some way if they are given the ideas and tools, easily within their reach.  ZestyGreen is here to provide the ideas, tools and encouragement to help you make sustainable changes to your life so that environmental impact is substantially reduced by small, almost unnoticeable changes to your own life.  We are just beginning to build the website and expect to have it grow incrementally over the weeks to come.  We look forward to your feedback and will shortly provide the details you will need to get in touch with us.  We look forward to helping each other make a difference.  Remember, its the individual water drops heading in the same direction that create powerful waves.  All the Best, ZG