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We aim to build a Green Sheet of all the things that people, Associations, Governments and Companies are doing around the world.  We will go direct to source where possible to give you the most unbiased news.  In the meantime, we hope these items will give you food for thought and you will consider the news relevant to helping you adjust your lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment.

We will be building lists of top 10 key things to do, places to shop, companies that you may wish to buy shares in due to their green record and other ways that you can make a difference.  Reading and being informed is the first step, but is a bit like winking at a cute person in the dark, useless unless you take action.  We hope the ideas collected on this website encourage you to take action and that we make it easy enough to do so on a consistent basis.  We will make a difference together.

U.N. Report Suggests Ways to Cut Carbon Emissions
4 May 2007
A new U.N. study examining ways to combat global warming and strategies for reducing carbon emissions said the average person can do a lot to slow global warming, chiefly by making simple lifestyle changes.

Royal & SunAlliance first insurer to launch Global Renewable Energy business
1 May 2007
Royal & SunAlliance (“R&SA”) today launches a Global Renewable Energy division bringing together its leading team of experts from around the Group to provide global insurance solutions for the renewable energy market.

M&S Helps Customers To ‘Think Climate’ By Relabelling Clothing
23 April 2007
From today, Marks & Spencer will encourage its customers to help reduce their impact on the environment by lowering their washing temperature to 30˚C, saving around 40% energy per wash. Independent tests(i) also show that around 70% of M&S clothes(ii) can be effectively washed at 30˚C, without any significant reduction in performance of everyday washes. More>